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COVID has affected our way of life in all aspect this year, but we REFUSE to let that get us down.  Football is a way of life, and what's a high school game without a game day program? This year we are offering a new program for EVERY SINGLE GAME! You read the right-- Home AND Away games will have a digital program available to you.  Each program will feature home and away team rosters, previous game highlights, our community sponsors and advertisers, and more -- no two programs will be the same.  We're offering this as a season digital subscription to you for the low price of only $10.00!  Sign up today, and Go Falcons!!!  You can also purchase a single game day program for $4 by clicking the link below!

**For those parents who are interested in a traditional Game Day Program for keepsake/souvenirs, we will also be offering the ability to order a print copy for each home game.  The cost of these programs will be the printing cost of the program.

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