2019 Year End Review

    The Eastlake Football Booster Club is a 501C Non-Profit that was established in July 2018 to further facilitate the success our football teams have seen throughout the years. We are comprised of individuals who are not simply parents of Falcon Football athletes: we are full time moms and dads, employees, business owners, grandparents, aunts and uncles, alumni, fans, and leaders in our community. Booster Club members are hardworking, dedicated volunteers driven to promote and support the Eastlake Football Program, administration, our school , and our community. We encourage a deep seeded love of our school and team spirit, raise supplemental funds for our program, and provide a yearly scholarship fund which all senior football players are eligible to apply for. Above all, we support and enrich our players in their academic and personal growth and their social/emotional well-being. We know our players are the future leaders of this world, and the most sacred aspect of what we do is to help ensure they are ready for that world once they’ve flown from our nest.
     Thanks to the tireless efforts of EFBC Members, we are proud to boast an excess of over ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED parent volunteer hours this year alone so far! Other accomplishments and activities we are proud of include:

1. Falconpalooza! – a community-wide event held at the beginning of the school year to help kick off football season. This event is a family friendly experience with attractions for ALL ages. Falconpalooza focuses on bringing Eastlake High School and our community together for school spirit in a fun and safe environment.

2. Student Athlete Volunteer Efforts—This past year El Paso experienced on of the most horrific tragedies in our time on August 3rd. In this tragedy, however, we found hope and a sense of togetherness within our community. Our football players not only held donation drives for the victims and first-responders involved, they also were key in assisting the Pebble Hills Regional Command Police Station in accepting, organizing, and distributing donations throughout the city.

3. EFBC has established a yearly scholarship fund where we award 3 seniors with scholarships to help aid them with their higher education goals. Our scholarship qualifications are based solely on applicants’ individual character and integrity. So many scholarships focus on grades or athletic achievements; we felt our scholarship fund needed to be one that awards who our players are in their hearts as opposed to who they are on paper. EFBC has awarded $4000 to date, and anticipates growing this fund significantly.

4. EFBC also aided our athletes in teaming up with the Kiwanis Club of Horizon City to place American flags throughout our neighborhoods during the year in a strong display of pride, patriotism, and community.

5. One of the most important aspects of coaching is the ability to improve your teams through team building exercises. Having teammates bond with one another is important to their success on and off the field. This year EFBC organized and provided an entire team building day for all the players in our program. Activities included team building games and skits, meals, and concluded with a movie and treats for the athletes.

6. EFBC not only supports our football program, but also strives to help other boosters and organizations at Eastlake and within our district with their fundraising events both by promoting them via social media and encouraging our members and athletes to participate in their events.

7. This year was the first year EFBC was solely responsible for our varsity game day programs. We offered a top of the line, quality custom program that featured not only our football teams, but also recognized the accomplishments and activities of other Eastlake High School programs and students/athletes. We also were one of only a few schools within El Paso to include our visiting teams in our football programs.

8. EFBC began a new tradition for Thanksgiving and Christmas Basket donations. We provided 3 families in need with dinner baskets for each holiday. These baskets not only included turkeys, hams, and numerous side dishes, but also (with the help of Dave and Busters and Alamo Draft House) gave these families a night out: all expenses paid for dinner and a movie for their entire family.

9. In just our first 3 months of existence, EFBC raised over $14,000 to purchase Eastlake’s first ever Football Run Through Tunnel – one of the largest in Texas!

10. This year, EFBC provided the varsity football team with quality, nutritious player meals on game days throughout the season.

11. EFBC organized a very special Senior night for our senior football players and their families. We were able to offer all senior parents/families professional portraits and photo shoots with their athletes free of charge! We also provided roses for players to give to their parents during the Senior Night ceremony.

12. Athlete safety is one of a football parent’s primary concerns. With this in mind, EFBC secured a private yoga instructor to offer Yoga classes to all players each Saturday after games. These classes helped decrease our players’ risk of injury, improved their overall agility and flexibility, and aided in their overall mental and emotional well-being by helping to teach the athletes how to reduce their stress levels and improve their focus and attention.

13. EFBC has provided all teams with warm-ups to keep players warm during game days and help decrease the risk of injury due to cold/stiff muscles and extreme temperatures.

14. Helmets are an absolute necessity for football players, but they become worn and expire over time. This year the booster club purchased 20 new helmets ($350/helmet) for the safety of our players. We will be providing 90 additional new helmets throughout the next 2 years. All this was accomplished at no cost to the players or their families.

15. With the strong participation of our booster and our football program, we have seen more and more participation during homecoming week and especially during the parade. The float entries grow bigger and better each year as clubs and organizations here at Eastlake work to compete against the Football Program’s float entry. We also have teamed up with organizations like Test Depth Customs and other car and motorcycle enthusiasts to ensure additional entries into the parade – including 2 antique military 5-ton vehicles with trailers.

16. The crowd is always a huge part of the Friday Night experience – the energy our players have on the field is drawn from the energy in the stands. To help boost that enthusiasm, this year our booster club provided our cheerleaders with 500 mini falcon footballs to throw out to fans during pivotal moments in the games. These footballs were a huge crowd pleaser, and next year we look forward to increasing the number of footballs thrown out.

17. These last 2 years EFBC has hosted our Annual Football Awards Banquet for our players and their families. We have seen not only an increase in attendance, but also a higher quality event. The booster fully funds the awards and dinners for the athletes, as well as organizes all promotional material and decor used for the banquet.

18.  We understand exactly how much time, effort, and dedication each of our coaches put into our program.  During the season, Coaches typically arrive at school well before 6AM and stay until after 8PM during the school week.  Saturdays aren't much different, being filled with practice, film review, and more, and Sundays are dedicated to strategy and planning meetings in the morning and afternoon.  As a way to show just how much we love and appreciate all they do for our boys, EFBC began a volunteer program where parents can sign up to provide meals for our coaching staff each weekend.  We had amazing support in this, and were able to give back just a little of what the coaches give to us.  Thank you Coaches!

     The Eastlake Football Booster Club is proud of all we have accomplished in the short time we’ve been in existence. This year has been exceptional for us as we have met and exceeded our goals. With our strong leadership, community presence, and spirit of unity, we take great joy in being one of the strongest parent-led organizations in our district, and look forward to the continued involvement and growth of our organization. Together we are better!